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Height increase and legs correction clinics


Since 2009 patients have been seen and consulted at “Da Vinci” medical center.

 Detailed information is at: http://www.dvclinic.ru/

Since 2009 our center performs surgery at the teaching hospital  belonging to OAO “Russian Railway”. The history of the hospital dates back to 1894, when in old Tsaritsyn a railway out-patient department was opened. At present it presents a modern clinic with hi-tech equipment and highly skilled physicians. In 1987, Department of Clinical Pharmacology of the Medical University headed by Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Professor V.I.Petrov was opened at the teaching hospital. http://vzokb.ru/  

Since 2010 our patients may combine treatment after surgery for legs correction or height enhancement with recreation at “Ergeninsky” spa (http://www.ergeninskiy.ru/)

The spa is located on the picturesque Ergeny elevation not far from springs of mineral water. The dormitories is in the park with shady alleys. Guests are offered various baths with mineral and sea water, mud baths with sludge of Elton Lake  with properties similar to the sludge of the Dead sea. The spa also offers physiotherapy, laser therapy, exercise therapy and massage.  One can consult an experienced psychologist or physicians of any specialty. One’s free time is possible to spend playing billiard or tennis, there is a sauna with a pool and a library.  The spa is open all year round.    

Within the frames of Russian –Czech intergovernmental agreement  our center works in partnership with the Orthopedic Clinic in Karlovy Vary, Chech Republic. Physicians from Czech Republic and Volgograd exchange experience on a regular basis.

For more details:  http://ortopedie-ambulance.cz

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