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Height increase and legs correction

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Finally, dont be afraid of, do not hesitate just follow your heart. If you really concern about the shape of your legs, then just correct it. Be aimed and if you do not want to share with someone then just keep it as a secret. Of course no one would suggest you to undergo surgery, especially on the legs. Just plan and go for your dream. You know, every single thought comes true. Im sure youll be fine and find someone here from staff or patients who would understand your concerns, support and share your thoughts better than others, perhaps you would make life long friends here. Personally I obtained from here high self-confidence, self-esteem and have learned how to love and care about myself. I would like to express my special thanks to all the staff of the clinic, especially Dr. Barinov, Dr.Tsarikov, Ms.Oxana, all Lena(s) and Dilya, who have given me the chance to have the life I always wanted. :-P


After the correction period the fixation starts. It lasts for 4 weeks and gives an opportunity for doctors to check after your regeneration of the bones. During the fixation period walking for few hours is highly recommended and keep your hopes high all the time. I found myself that being positive really helps to heal faster. Finally my legs took exactly a month till removal of apparatus. But healing time can depend on the individual. Personally I take vitamin C and Calcium everyday, while I was wearing the apparatus after the surgery I just doubled the doze to strengthen my immune system. Of course some food supplementary is advisable, but recommended to consult with doctor.


mug and bowls with cutlery (if you could, there are still some plates and cutlery you could find here, but if you prefer your own youd better to bring),
enough Pocket money in Russian currency (it would not be easy to go out all the time to get money out),
shower gels or bath things are useless (you are not able to have a shower everyday, anyhow you will be washing your hair or having shower partially once or twice a week),
shampoos and conditioners,
do not try to bring more clothes (there is a washing machine in the recovery center of the clinic, its better to bring few wearable, comfortable one with a detergent),
laptops or tablets (the best thing for me was unlimited Wi-Fi access, which I gave me opportunity to browse the net, chat with our dear ones at anytime),
if you are a fan of reading bring more books (believe me itd be more fun and your time will fly faster)

Some advice

Few essential things to prepare
As a current patient here, I would like to give some advice to preparation for future patients from my personal experience:
get enough loose sweatpants (does not matter whether it is summer or winter, you will need to wear pants on the apparatus, at least one),
warm jumpers or jackets (anyhow you will be going out several times),
few shorts and T-shirts,
mini skirts or dresses (not too short, upper than your knees, anyway you will walk with crutches bending forward oddly),
soft comfortable shoes or sneakers or slippers,
enough vanity products (including lots of facial wipes and tissues),


I had my surgery in the afternoon, honestly it wasnt a big deal, doctors had just installed the apparatus on my legs to make them straight and thats it. When I woke up after surgery I was still in the operation room and it felt so heavy around the legs, but I could get up on my feet on same day and was going to bathroom myself, definitely with crutches. Since the surgery the Bed will be your first dearest friend and the Crutches - second best one for next fifty five days. I spent there (in the hospital) exactly a week after the surgery, by the time I was doing well. It was not painful as much as I expected, but somehow, of course, it was.
On my 7th day after surgery I was brought in the recovery section of the clinic where I started the correction process, which hurt badly and lasted for 5-6 days, depending on your deformation of each leg. Interestingly, same patient, who was staying with me, did not feel that much pain as me. Each individual experiences pain differently, everything will depend on your immune system. Dont be afraid of, painkillers are always served when you are in need.


Before the surgery you could see, chat and share the experience with current patients in the clinic for height increase or leg correction. That will make you more comfortable and keep you calm.
I signed my agreement on the 1st day of my arrival and I was taken to another hospital for surgery. I was so scared and nervous before the surgery, my mind was full of scary, strange ideas, what if I couldnt wake up? what if I couldnt walk at all? and so on. That was too much, but I guess everyone could think in same way badly if you are expecting surgery as you agreed, not by priority. Luckily, the doctor told me You are not the first and not the last one. Seriously it helped me to relax and think positively. Of course, I wasnt the first one and I knew there were new patients coming on same day of my surgery.

My unusual experience of leg correction treatment

I have bowlegs with deformation of shape "O", no I had them in the past ;-) Now I just have stunning straight legs as I had dreamed of, only with apparatus on them, looking forward to removal. For me this was an unusual experience and a significant change of my future life.

I came here from overseas to undergo a surgery and to get the whole treatment of correction of leg shape. I was so determined to have ideal legs. Actually there was not really big difference between foreign and local patients, everyone is treated equally. But there could be some language barriers in communication if you do not speak Russian, especially in the hospital, where patients undergo the surgery. The staff at the clinic is so friendly and nice, everyone smiles at you innocently, you'd feel like at home.
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