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Height increase and legs correction


I had my surgery in the afternoon, honestly it wasnt a big deal, doctors had just installed the apparatus on my legs to make them straight and thats it. When I woke up after surgery I was still in the operation room and it felt so heavy around the legs, but I could get up on my feet on same day and was going to bathroom myself, definitely with crutches. Since the surgery the Bed will be your first dearest friend and the Crutches - second best one for next fifty five days. I spent there (in the hospital) exactly a week after the surgery, by the time I was doing well. It was not painful as much as I expected, but somehow, of course, it was.
On my 7th day after surgery I was brought in the recovery section of the clinic where I started the correction process, which hurt badly and lasted for 5-6 days, depending on your deformation of each leg. Interestingly, same patient, who was staying with me, did not feel that much pain as me. Each individual experiences pain differently, everything will depend on your immune system. Dont be afraid of, painkillers are always served when you are in need.
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