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Height increase and legs correction


mug and bowls with cutlery (if you could, there are still some plates and cutlery you could find here, but if you prefer your own youd better to bring),
enough Pocket money in Russian currency (it would not be easy to go out all the time to get money out),
shower gels or bath things are useless (you are not able to have a shower everyday, anyhow you will be washing your hair or having shower partially once or twice a week),
shampoos and conditioners,
do not try to bring more clothes (there is a washing machine in the recovery center of the clinic, its better to bring few wearable, comfortable one with a detergent),
laptops or tablets (the best thing for me was unlimited Wi-Fi access, which I gave me opportunity to browse the net, chat with our dear ones at anytime),
if you are a fan of reading bring more books (believe me itd be more fun and your time will fly faster)
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