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Height increase and legs correction


Finally, dont be afraid of, do not hesitate just follow your heart. If you really concern about the shape of your legs, then just correct it. Be aimed and if you do not want to share with someone then just keep it as a secret. Of course no one would suggest you to undergo surgery, especially on the legs. Just plan and go for your dream. You know, every single thought comes true. Im sure youll be fine and find someone here from staff or patients who would understand your concerns, support and share your thoughts better than others, perhaps you would make life long friends here. Personally I obtained from here high self-confidence, self-esteem and have learned how to love and care about myself. I would like to express my special thanks to all the staff of the clinic, especially Dr. Barinov, Dr.Tsarikov, Ms.Oxana, all Lena(s) and Dilya, who have given me the chance to have the life I always wanted. :-P
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