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Height increase and legs correction

My unusual experience of leg correction treatment

I have bowlegs with deformation of shape "O", no I had them in the past ;-) Now I just have stunning straight legs as I had dreamed of, only with apparatus on them, looking forward to removal. For me this was an unusual experience and a significant change of my future life.

I came here from overseas to undergo a surgery and to get the whole treatment of correction of leg shape. I was so determined to have ideal legs. Actually there was not really big difference between foreign and local patients, everyone is treated equally. But there could be some language barriers in communication if you do not speak Russian, especially in the hospital, where patients undergo the surgery. The staff at the clinic is so friendly and nice, everyone smiles at you innocently, you'd feel like at home.
12/25/2012 11:13:26
Very nice to meet you. You said that I have beautiful, large and green eyes! I will read your blog with pleasure. I will come to visit ;)
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