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Height increase and legs correction

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Welcome to the forum, Welcome to the forum about Anthropometric cosmetology
The Centre of Anthropometrical (Orthopaedical) Cosmetology and Correction invite you to take part in discussions in forums about height increase and legs form correction procedures.
hi, i am looking forward to checking out your facility sometime within the next couple of years. god bless...
has any1 got the leg form procedure done i would like to ask u sum questions plz?
You can look a film about our Center on-line at English-language news channel Russia Today. The film is about different cosmetic surgery procedures. In the end of the film you can see a part about the Height Increase and Legs Correction procedures, performed in our Center.
Alexander Barinov,
i want height increase. my height is 5'-2". I want height 5'-7" increase.plz all information me, your all infomation & cont.
hey, im a 22year old lady from South-Africa. i would like to be 7cm taller. how long will this procedure, etc take, and what would the costs be currently if i were to have it done in 2009.
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