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Height increase and legs correction

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To whom it may concern:
I asked the following questions yesterday, nd I received the reply mail refered to this message board. Therefore, I'd like these questions before I decide to go through the operation. Please help me out!
During the limb lengthening operation, will my new surface skin be the same as usual?
How large of the scar will be left on my legs?
After operation, can I still play some sports such as basketball, volleyball, and running?
which sports I should avoid?
Do you have sample pictures (before and after)of patients who did a limb lengthening? (I just found only leg correction on the Internet)
I am so skinny. I'm 5'7" and weigh 52 kg. Can I do body & weight building after the operation is done?
Are there any side effect or cautions that I should be aware of?
I am Asian. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand.
Are there any physical problems or other
problems for the operation on Asian people?
Do you have Thai patients as an example?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
It is the pictures that will sell me on the operation. Thats why I don't understand why you don't post them, you have plenty of patients with there identity concealed. (If your concerned about that) I get the feeling you have something to hide if: A. you want me to spend $20,000 and you only show one picture and B. Theres no literature on how to safely increase your proportions. -I have long legs to begin with and I wouldn't want to look like a tyrannosaurus
I thought that the new bone was supposed to be jsuts as strong as the old. If that is true then shouldn't you be ablke to do any activity that you did before?
Hi tony I'm here in volgograd doing the leg
lengthening procedure right now and here's some answers to your questions:
1)about the skin surface issue:
-it really depends on how your body reacts to the process. For me personally, I have no problems at all but I know another patient who had annoying problems with his skin. He had was allergic to a whole lota stuff including metal.
2)the scar issue:
-the jury's still out on the question here.
My scar is still very visible but supposedly it goes away in a year. This is another point
where it's really up to your body's response to the procedure.A good way to predict if the scar would fade or not is if you have a close relative who have undergone surgery, check to see if their scar is faded or not. This is because my scar looks just like one of my relative's scar the same period of time after the operation. The scar size is very small though with Dr. Yegorov's new technique.(approx 1 1/5 inch)
-I'm sure that I can play sports after but that would probably be a year after I go back just to make sure the bone is really hard. Sidestory: There was one patient who before he left asked Mihail Goldreer(the first man to undergo the leg increase) to jump up and down(to see if a former patient can) which he did without problem.
-I'm pretty sure there are pictures on the site. They are of Mihail Goldreer since he works for Yegorov now. I don't think there would be anymore pictures though since no other patient would want to let people know that they did this. So take it as a good point that there are few pictures of patients since if there are many, it would mean that they will put your picture up too after you're done.
5)weighht lifting:
-this is just as the sports question, if Mihail can jump up and down normaly I'm sure you can lift weights and do sports.
-there are asian patients doing the height increase. I'm pretty sure there is no difference in experience due to race or ethnic background.
Hey man we're all human beings created equal -was that a racist question huh punk?- just kidding ;)
Well that's about it for your questions. If you're going to e-mail me please keep it short 'cause internet here is like a dollar an hour!

Other things which you might like to know are:
-Alexander's a pretty cool guy and his english is better in person than on the phone.
ex.)-I've got a playstation here so he actually checks what new games there are in the store and asks if I want to buy any.
-Food takes a bit to get used to. I know of one patient who absolutely hates russian food but for myself and another patient we find it ok.
-I stay at the hospital, and my impressions of the hospital is that the nurses are professional in that they check on you a lot and they keep the place pretty sterile. The draw back is that there's nothing to do here 'cept sit in your room which drives me insane! But everyone's really nice here.
-if you really don't like the food you could always get someone to buy caviar(only 5 bucks) or instant noodle(only 15 cents!)
-one last thing is that when you stay at the clinic Mihail Goldreer will visit a lot to see if you need anything and he really likes to help out. One drawback is that he can't speak english though so you gotta work on your russian if you stay at the clinic. I personally havn't learned russian at all(I'm sure people here think I'm a complete retard) here are the words that I was able to pick up though:
thank you -spasiba
your welcome -pajalst
little pain -bolna
big pain -baleet
o.k. - harasho
pretty sad that I could sum up my whole vocabulary in five small lines.

that's about all I can say so feel free to email but keep it short(expensive internet)
I'm not going to make phone calls to people or send pictures or info on me or even where I come from so don't even ask. But if you've got real concerns just shoot, I know how tough it is being short.
Thank you very much for taking your time answering my questions. I hope this would help some others who might have the same questions. May you reach your goal and success on everything you wish.
Thank you again. :-)
Homer dont you thik they can black out the face or somthing to get the picture I really want to se more before and afters specially on height increases.and not diformities.
Homer, I've been reading all these messages you've been getting and answering and I think it's been great of you to take the time (and money)to answer everyone. I just want to aknowledge you and commend you for this. How much longer do you have to go there? I'm a 32 yr old guy from Canada and stand at a whopping 152cm (5'0)so you can understand why I'd want to do this. I'd like to invite and welcome anyone out there, who would like to talk or contact me, please feel free to do so.
Hi, homer. My name is Jung Woo Woo and I am living in U.S. I plan to go there and get a height increasing surgery next year or the year after next year, at least. I have a few questions about centre. I will list them below. Please answer them for me.

1. I want to know what facilities are in and around centre.(I want to know if there are barber shop, American video shop, convenience store and restaurants in and around the centre.)
2. In the clinic(in a patient's single room), is there a bathroom that has a shower?

3. Is there a refrigerator in a patient's room or should I get one from near the centre to put and use in a room?

4. In TV that is in the patient's room, American TV programs are broadcasted also or only Russian ones?

5.I want to know the standard of living of Russia. I'm from Korea and general price level of goods in Korea is approximately 1/3 of U.S.goods. (For example, as you know, A bottle of coke costs about $1.15 in U.S. It costs about 35 to 40 cents in Korea.) Please give me the price of a few necessary things that you think the patient staying in the centre should know. Please give me the prices of those in Russian money unit and $.

6. How do you feel wearing apparatus on your legs? During the procedure, do you feel uncomfortable or pain on the legs?

Please answer my questions and if there are any additional good informations besides answers for my questions, please let me know. Thank you for your help.
hi jung,
answer to:
1) yes to all except the video and convenience store but you could get
someone to get that stuff for you.
2) yes
3) you have a fridge
4) only russian channels but you could get satelite tv for about 500 usd
5) american stuff cost the same as it does in US but russian stuff are
cheap. only thing I buy here are instant noodles and they're about 15 cents
or 5 rubles coke is about a buck US.
6) the apparatus does feel uncomfortable for the first month or so but
eventually you don't even really notice it's there.( some people do have some pain)
Thanks a lot for your answers to my questions, homer. I have a few additional questions. I will list them below. Please answer them for me.
1. Are the patients allowed to walk near to the centre while the procedures or patients must stay in the clinic and can't go anywhere during the procedures?

2. Alexander Barinov answered me on the e-mail that the overall cost includes 3 times value diet, nursing and all necessary expenses. Do all necessary expenses include the use of electricity, water and the use of phones(international calls) or payments for those are separate?

3. Can the patients take a shower during the procedures? (I think it will be too tough if I can't take a shower for 10 months.)

4. Can I bring my laptop computer and VCR and use them in a patient's single room?
ok here are answers to your questions
1. You can go anywhere you want to even outside or off the clinic property, but I just don't think you'd want to just 'cause you wouldn't know the city or how to speak russian. There was a russian boy that did the leg lengthening and he went out and partied with his friends while the apperatus was still on his leg.

2. Everything you said is included except the international phone calls. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but you have to pay to get your visa extended too. can take showers but you just have to keep your leg and bandages dry. The clinic has special showers where you sit in so it shouldn't be a problem. (note: the special showers aren't really that cool or anything)

4. definitely you should bring your laptop and vcr. You should also get a international power converter for both. They use two small round prongs instead of the two flat ones we have in the US and they use 220/240v instead of our 110/120v. They told me that they have a video store which rents out new american movies in english here but I'm not sure how many movies they have (I think it's only 20 cents to rent and 2 dollars to buy).
Try to bring stuff that you could watch over and over again or even better yet bring a playstation because the hardest part of doing this is the boredom.
I would like to come down for operation but i want to know how long i have to stay there and how many time i have to come down there beacuse i have school ..
Regarding the limb lengthning
Thank you sir
hi there , i'm a 21 year old guy from south africa , I'm 1m67 and would love to be 7 cm taller .. however I am wiondering ...
what is the total cost of the operation and the time involved . Also do you mean that you pay the total price excluding airfares , and they then provide accomadation , and food for the period of the operation from the day you walk in and the day you leave ..??

thanks for the help ,

p.s can the scaring be surgically treated , i.e plastic surgery . I would hate to have it looking weird.
to guy: hi it's homer, yeah the total price includes everything from when you get here to when you leave. This incl. food, lodging, bandages, etc. I've been her for a little more than half a year and all I paid for was internet and laundry. The laundry issue though is pretty minimal cause it's only 200 rubles a month.
For the scarring I forgot to include in my earlier post that this center has also a cosmetic surgery clinic that has the laser scar treetment to rid you of your scar. It's much cheaper than anywere else, everything in russia is!
also 7 cm is no problem with respect to health issues(the last patient before me increased 8) but you should look CAREFULLY at your proportion(shin to thigh) 'cause another patient increased a little too much for his liking and realized when it was too late to compress it back.
Your age is also a good point in doing the procedure now 'cause the younger you are the better you heal up. I have heard that the patients who are younger experience less pain(pretty minimal for younger guys). This includes myself and the last person here.
sorry forgot to answer price and length of treatment.
The treatment time will be in four stages: -legthening of first leg(1 day for every mm)
-wait a month (so that you could put you weight on it)
-legthening of second leg(1 day for every mm)
-consolidation period(2 days for every mm up to 5 cm and a month for every cm after)
This is for what I experienced since I stay at the hospital and doctors look at my leg everyday. the consolidation period I outlined above is what I would feel safe, taken from various things that I have read before I came here. In reality though it usually is a little shorter than this if you go by looking at x-rays.
As for the price I think you should ask the Volgograd Center specialists about that one, I don't know how much it is now.
Also there isn't any treatment in the world which totaly gets rid of operation scars but the laser treatment comes pretty close.(check out some sites on the net)
Homer's Odyssey: Thank you Homer for answering all these questions from all these people. It's awesome that you're providing insight on what it is like to actually go through this procedure. I'm going to ask you some questions soon, so you better answer them my man. Sincerely D, from the U.S.
im not exactley new here but, i hav'nt posted any messages here before, just been reading ur lots info.
I'v gone through life as a very short boy,im a teenager who is 5'3.5 and iv had enough, anyway im defenetly going to get this limb legnthening done soon probably in a year, and im querious,if i wanted to add around 4inches to my hight is this possible? and will it turn out ok? coz i dont wanna look disabled with short arms. i herd that with increasing the legnth of all 4 bones i can gain 17cm but i doubt this will look normal, what do u think?
anyway thanx alot for ur time, and one more question, how long dose it take to heel 4inches? if u know that is,
thanx alot

wow! 17cm! that's kinda much i think, the last two guys before me increased 8 cm which I think would be a cool height for you since you are 5'3" 1/2 it would make you almost 5'7". I'm not sure if Dr yegorove have ever done lengthening for the thigh and I'm not sure if you want to be the first if he hasn't. On a good note though is that if you want to do it here, they've put illizarov fixators on all the major bones on all limbs here at the hospital which Dr. Teterin is the head of. So I don't think it would be too much risk in doing it for lengthening. 17 cm is a lot though, i've asked alexander about it before and he said the max they could do is 5 cm so that plus the 8 for the shin is 13. They won't do it at the same time either just to be safe and I don't think you'd want to either from a comfort POV.
by the way if you do both shin and thigh be prepared to be here for about two years.
hey you said that you're still a teenager...
you might not have to go through this, here's how:
1)go to your doctor or any doctor familiar with growth plates in your bones.
2)tell her/him to make an x-ray of your legs and see if your growth plates are fused yet.
3)if the growth plates are not fused yet you should visit an endocrinologist( a doctor which specializes in hormones and body chemistry) and ask if there are any places near you which administers growth hormone therapy for height increase.
I've heard that there is a place in michigan which does this for short kids. You should act quick on this though since growth plates can close pretty quick. If your plates are fused though, mechanical lengthening is your only choice then.
iv been to the doctors twice now and he's not willing to help me, somthing gives me the idea that he dont realy know about this stuffand keeps on sending me away saying 'its all in the genes and i cant help u'
and im in london, im not sure where i can go and how 2 go about it,
if u have any ideas please tell me,
and do u have more info on what they could do for me, like the hormone thing?
thanx alot,
yeah thanx, it's like a dream to be 5'9 but 5'7 is much better than what i currently am,
say i did get my 4inches would u be able to tell me how much this would cost?
thanx for every thing
do u know how much 4inches would cost?
and im still a teenager is there any alternative i could take?
Don't know much about really should find a doctor that would at least take x rays of your legs to see if they are still growing. Do this even if they know nothing of the human growth hormone therapy.
You didn't tell me if you're bones are fused yet or not, because the growth hormone (GH) therapy will only work if there is that plate of cartilage in your bone.
You say that you're in England, I don't know if GH is legal there for these uses (it wasn't in US a few years back). I do know though that there are clinics in germany which administers GH for reversing the aging process.
I wish I could help you more but I really have not looked in to GH too much 'cause my bones are already fused. Just keep booking appointments with as many specialists as possible (endocrinologists & orthapedic doctors). I'm sure someone in London will be knowledgable.
Also, if you really want to be 5'9" and are willing to invest the time and money, just go ahead and do the thigh also then for that extra 2".
Ok that's all I can think of now, so good luck.
Re: BART I am also from england nr london. i would advice you to go to your gp to get a referal to an endocrine (hormone) specialist. Here they will be able to test you for growth hormone deficiency and other hormonal dificiencies eg thiorid that may also stunt your growth. Even if the tests come back clear and its your genes that have caused you to be short studies have shown that growth hormone does increase the height of people who arn't deficient. You can request to see another GP to get a referal if yours doesn't seem interested - so don't give up.
Bart, You're Not Listening! You're still a teenager. Most likely your growth plates aren't fused yet, meaning your bones still have time and room to grow if proper nutrition is applied. You may be suffering from HGH deficiency, meaning your pituitary gland is not producing enough growth hormone that results short stature and often times dwarfism. Human Growth Hormone, which is produced by your pituitary gland and secreted through your liver which then secretes IGF-I to your bones for growth. DO NOT do the limb lengthening until you see an endocrinologist. These kind of doctors are the only ones who have the access and permission to inject real hgh to patients. So again, you still have time to grow, you just need professional help.
DO NOT get the surgery until you're over 21.
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