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Height increase and legs correction

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Questions for the professionals, Doctor's answers to your questions
Here our specialists will be answering your questions about our Center, limb surgery and all related subjects.
i am new to the board, and was wondering whether i could pick you brain with a couple questions.
I was wondering about the Visa for russia , how do i obtain this? Also what about travel insurance?.
thanks for your time , Sonia
Well, first off, in order to obtain the private tourist Russian visa (the most suitable type of visa to travel here for treatment), you will need an official Letter of Invitation from Russia that will serve as the grounds for granting you a visa. Our hospital will provide you with this Letter after you let us know about your desire to undergo leg lengthening surgery here. But keep in mind that issuing Invitation takes from 7 days to 1.5 months (depending on your country). After we send it to you, you should file a visa request along with our Invitation with the nearest Russian Embassy. Your visa will be issued soon; then you can buy the plane tickets and fly to Russia. As for travel insurance, it is usually included in the cost of the tickets.
Someone can help on my questions: How do we get to your center in Volgograd and how to leave the center after the treatment ? Do they have the service to help international patient to get to your center ?

What do they do for pain management immediately following the operation and later while the legs are being lengthened and strengthened ?

When will be the best season to start the treatment ?

Thanks very much.
International patients usually arrive to Moscow first, where they should change planes and fly to Volgograd then. When you arrive to Volgograd, our agent will pick you at the airport and bring you right to the center, so you wont get lost here for sure. :)) The same way we will help you back to the airport. At your request we can provide the transfer service in Moscow too, but thats to be discussed individually.
Pain management: you will be under anesthesia during the operation and thus wont feel anything. The first day after the operation you will be administered strong painkillers and sleep almost all the time, so practically no pain at this stage. The following days you will see for yourself if you need the painkilling medications or not. It will depend on your individual sensations.
You can start treatment in any season of the year there is no difference.
I'm Japanese and interested in it. Can Dr. do both my legs and arms at the same time and any additional fees for that? I'm into weight lifting and am pretty muscular. Do my muscles bother stretching to grow my bones? Should I stop lifting and make my muscles softer and stuff? do I have to stop taking supplement like Amino Acid during Operation? Tell me how I should prepare before I get there. Thank you very much.
No, it is impossible to do your legs and arms at the same time. In case you really want to have both your legs and arms lengthened, it can be done consequently, limb by limb: first shins, then thighs, then upper arms. Each stage lasts for about a year and is followed by one-year break before the next stage. Each stage implies a full course of surgery and treatment and is priced separately. So as you can see, it is quite a complicated, expensive and painful process, and you must seriously consider if you really need it.
No, your muscles do not bother your bones growing. And you dont have to quit weight lifting in order to affect your muscles, but you will have to make a pause anyway when you recover after surgery. There is no need to stop taking any food supplements either. So as you can see, no special preparation is needed.
what are the extremeties in proportion that still looks normal?
An easy way to measure is to say that the length of the lower part is from floor to top of the knee when the knee is 90 degrees. Upper part is from the wall to the outer tip of the knee when sitting against a wall and knee is also in 90 degree position.
For me now the lower part is 51 cm, and the upper is 55 cm. How much could I increase either part and still look normal?
You see, the problem is that the way you try to measure your limbs is not correct, and it is impossible to give a definite upper-lower limb proportion its individually calculated upon taking your exact measurements and deducing your anthropometrical indices by a doctor on the spot. But you can send us your full-length picture so we can make approximate calculations and give you some recommendations.
I read earlier on the other messages there is a skin care treatment- center within the clinic--.. So I was wondering if the clinic also has a facility that ---provides facial surgeries-- to reshape- nose, eyes, etc..
using plastic implants---
anyone know the answer to this please tell me -thank you
Yes, we have specialized departments that provide facial surgery, and you can make use of their services while you are on the fixation period after our leg-lengthening operation.
Health consequences of leg lengthening procedure: Like many others on this board, I am interested in the leg lengthening procedure that is offered at the Center in Volgograd. However, there is one aspect that I am particularly concerned about. When someone breaks a bone, it is my understanding that the material that is produced as a result of osteogenesis (growing new bone) is dissimilar from the body's original bones in certain ways, e.g. in composition or density, etc. but I'm not completely sure. My worry is that, if I had the leg lengthening procedure done, 30 to 40 years down the road the part of the shin which was lengthened will start to deteroriorate faster than the rest of my body because it is not original bone material... also, people who break bones tend to develop arthritis in the area of breakage. I E-mailed the doctor who works at the Volgograd center and he said there were no negative health consequences or cases of arthritis in patients but that is not enough to assuage me. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
Thanks for bringing up this point, I'm sure there isnt much difference from people who break their legs in accidents and this procedure... how come only one case has arthritis and not the other, something is missing.
You see, at the initial stages the fresh bone material is certainly different from the original, but after about two years they become practically the same and cant be a reason for any problems in the future. The doctors you talked to were right no arthritis is possible in the area of breakage. When someone breaks a bone, they might have painful sensations afterwards due to displacement of bones or incorrect treatment, but as you can imagine, this is not the case if the breaking is done surgically.
Thank you very much for extending your knowledge to us, it is greatly appreciated.
Alot of us here in the USA are very excited about this procedure; however, we would feel much more at ease if we were to see the hospital in person. Would you be willing to allow a group of people come to visit the Volgograd hospital and discuss our concerns in the future?
Thank you.
Yes, sure we would welcome such an opportunity to receive groups of potential patients here and answering all your questions right on the spot. Moreover, this is exactly what some our patients do: they visit our Center in order to make a decision as to having surgery and thus they have the possibility to ask our specialists whatever they want to know, have the necessary measurements and recommendations from our doctors, see the hospital with their own eyes, talk to present patients etc. But if you decide to give us an introductory visit, you should remember that you will have to take care of your visa, accommodation etc. yourself.
After the operation, will you be able to sleep normal like we all use too? Or you have a tough time.

Bad sleep on the days after the operation is possible because of painful sensations, but this problem is easily eliminated through taking painkillers before sleep. When the pain goes away, you sleep normally as youre used to.
Hi, I'd like to know what they mean with internal and external method and which one is the safest one.
In our Center's practice, we use the external method that was developed by the founder of the cosmetic limb lengthening technology, Dr.Yegorov. This is the safest method specially designed for cosmetic limb lengthening basing on Ilizarov technology. It is called external, because during the correction and fixation periods, patients must wear special metal structures over their limbs. For the all experience time we have not had any complications after our cosmetic limb lengthening operations. All our patients are in good physical condition and they never regret taking on this method treatment.
As for the internal method, we consider that it is not good for cosmetic limb lengthening absolutely. Because using the compound internal device does not correspond to the principles of cosmetic surgery. There are a lot of risks involved. Using this method the internal device is plunged into the medullary cavity of the bones. In this case the yellow bones medulla is destroyed which may lead to serious complications even to embolia of the lung, brain
vessels. Moreover using this method there is the necessity of performing the repeated operation for removing of the device. This is additional trauma. And after the treatment patient needs the long time exercises and physiotherapy. So it is our subjective opinion that the internal method
must not be used for cosmetic treatment.
hello, im wondering, while doing the height increase procedure, is it possible to do any upper-body work out?
like weight lifting or working out at a nearby gym?

so you dont lose so much muscle weight during the procedure.
Yes, it is possible, and many our patients make use of it at our hospital's gym. Though it would be not easy to do right after the operation, but after a week or so - why not...
Doctor, I am a 16 yr old in the United States. Unfortunately as stated there are no clinics in my country that perform the height increase procedure for cosmetic reasons.  My question to you is, if this procedure is safe, then why is it not performed here in the  United States for the before stated reasons?  Thank you.
Well, the procedure is as safe as any other surgery; the probability of complications is less than 5% - depending on your individual health conditions. I have no idea why (and if) it's not done in the US - you should address your government with this question. :))
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