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Height increase and legs correction

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General discussions on limb surgery
Hello everyone,
I'm very interested in the height increase form. I was wondering if someone could tell me how one could obtain information on getting to the clinic, payment information, instructions, etc. I have sent an email to the clinic and signed up for the mailing list but have not received anything. I live in the US, are there any people from the US there that could answer my questions?

Thank you!
there is a doctor in georgia,, becare of the doctor in baltimore, he is not right, more than 40 law suits agianst him
check out a doctor in georgia.
Doctor in Georgia, Isn't he a Podiatrist (Foot Doctor)?
yes, he is, however very well trained in this area, i have talked with him, seems very knowledgable, much easier to talk with than the docs from Baltimore. Did not here many good things from the doc in Baltimore (paley)
Don't go to Georgia. That place has lots of horror stories.
try to get in touch with Dr. Alexandre Barinov he will help you out. I'm not sure if this is the email that you sent but here it is or try the “contact” link above. he'll be more than willing to help you. His english is a lot better in person than on the phone. Also don't be put off if anyone you talk to sounds unfriendly because russians generally have a more coarse vocal tone, funny thing about my experience is that for the first month or so I thought the lunch lady that cooks for me was always upset but it turns out that she was probably one of the nicest people that I have ever met and it was just the way that most russians speak. Alexandre is a nice guy too but just very serious when you first meet him
i know that there is a hospital in myrland with doctors who specialized in bone lengthining for ppl who have a defects and also for short ppl ,there is a site also of this hospital but i don't have the address right now.
The hospital in Maryland will not do height increase for you unless they think you truely need it. If you're legs are uneven or if you are a dwarf, they will do it. But for beauty or for the sake of being taller, they won't do it. As far as I know, only in Russia will they do this for you if you ask.
Actually I have been in contact with a doctor in Egypt who will perform the surgery and has done so many times
There are clinics in the US that will do the procedure for beauty purposes. The clinic in Macon, Georgia will do the procedure for cosmetic purposes as advertised on it's web page. However, it costs 40,000.
I spoke to Dr. Vito in Macon and he says the price is more like $53,000. I am going to Kurgan, Russia (Ilizarov Scientific Center) to have it done for $20,000 (includes single room, meals, therapy, etc.) They say 6-8cm takes 5-6 months.
Hi, there.
My name is Mila and I am Canadian. I was wondering if any Canadians have had this surgery. I also was wondering if anyone can tell me how much this operation would cost me (including therapy, stay, procedure, and nursing) and whether it would be possible to have a 9 or 10 cm increase.
what's the url for the place in georgia ?
DONT GO TO GEORGIA… That place is horrible..lots of horror stories. Be careful in choosing a doctor!
Question for Jung Woo Woo:
Hi Jung,
I'm interested in having limb lengthening done but I haven't received a response from anyone. Could you please tell me how you got a response? I also live in the US. I read in one of your questions to Homer and Dr. Barinov that he quoted the price to you saying it was around $16,000. How did he determind that? Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Everything you need to know!:
This is what Dr. Barinov replied to me after I asked him what his exact physical address was:
"You have received this message because you have requested an
information regarding the cosmetic height increase procedure.

We perform the cosmetic limb lengthening and legs form correction
procedures in our Centre from 1992. The clinics of our Centre are
located in Volgograd and Moscow cities in Russia. Our original
technology is based on the natural (phisyologycal) ability of the
bones growing. The procedures are realized using the special limb
lengthening and form correction method including the operation,
fixation in the modified Ilizarov's frames and dosed distraction of
the bones.
This is the most perfect and safe limb lengthening and correction
technique that's why we can use it for the cosmetic purposes.

Basically for the cosmetic height increasing we use shins lengthening
procedure. 5-6 cm (2-2.5 inches) lengthening takes about 9-11 months.
The maximum shins lengthening may be up to 9 cm (3-3.5 inches). The
procedure with maximal lengthening takes about 14 months.
As an exception we perform thighs lengthening operations after the
shins lengthening for them who eager to increase their height more.
The maximum thighs lengthening is up to 4 cm (1.5 inches).
The procedure takes about 7-8 months.
The rest between shins and thighs lengthening operations must be not
less than 1 year.
However we recommend only shins lengthening procedure with lengthening
up to 6-7 cm (about 2.5 inches). Usually this lengthening is enough
for the appreciable height increasing and does not lead to a visible
changing of body proportions. More over this lengthening is safer for
your health.

Patients can walk just in first days after the operation using
The functions of legs are saved because patients can move during all
treatment time. After the procedure completing all patients can walk
normally without outside help and can return to their daily activities
in about 1-2 months after the treatment completing.

Patients must stay during all treatment time at the Centre. Only in
this case we can guarantee the successful treatment results.

If patients follow advices of physicians there are not any side
effects of operations. We have not had any serious complications at
our Centre after all cosmetic legs lengthening and legs form
correction operations.

The cost of the shins lengthening procedure is from 15000 to 20000 US
Dollars. The cost includes operations, postoperative treatment,
accommodation (shared or single-room including TV, telephone),
nursing, meals and necessary service. The cost may be changed
depending on the accommodation variant.

The age of the patients must be from 16 to 60 years old.
If you have not any serious chronic or acute diseases it may be
possible to have the treatment.
There is not any necessity of family members staying, but if you want
they can stay with you during any time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information,
or if I can help in any way.

Regards, Dr. Alexander Barinov
The International Centre of Anthropometrical
(Orthopaedical) Cosmetology and Correction
I hope this answers most of your questions. i have been doing some research on Limb Lengthening myself so I also had the same type of questions you and the rest of the people that are posting on this site had. If you have any other questions in reagards to Limb Lengthening I may be of help. Just let me know.

I am very serious about this surgery and am trying to line up people who also are serious about this. If you are serious, or are undergoing it please let me know. I am trying to keep a tab of what everyone is doing and how things are going for them so that we can all be helped from the information. So please let me know if you have good info. Also, please let me know of good places to visit for information, message boards, etc.
look at, good site, looks like a good doc. becare of the doc in baltimore, he has more than 40 suits against him
I am really looking in to this to Iv been doing research for a couple of years now and I am now trying to save up enough money to do this procedure I just want to make sure I pick the safest procedure and that way I will have less problems maybe we can go to the same place together and have it done so we can get a better deal and also get a good doctor. I was tinking about going to doctor Betz. Email me and tell me what you think.
hi everyone,
i'm hoping to increase my height by 7cm and I'm wondering if anyone is considering getting it done as well. I am from australia and I've asked heaps of clinics around the world if they would do the cosmetc lengthening, so far I have found one in america ($53000US)and others but they are in hospitals but I am not sure if they have it for cosmetic reasons but the best thing is to ask. Also does anyone know how long it takes before you can play competitive sports like soccer and basketball after the surgery.
Hi, I'm Australian.
does anyone know about the Iranian clinic 'cause it says they've improved on methods, & does anyone have experience about the diff. in re. to time, scars, risks?
I thought with the internal method u can go home back to Uni with the rods in your legs & come back in a year to remove them.
How the h__ are you guys able to save for it? I figure I need at least 1 year of working & saving like mad while studying to get it. I'm desperate but hate that I'll have to take off a year if iz with external method.
u guys who want to increase both lower and upper legs. I do too. I suppose if there's no discount, might as well go back at another time and do upper legs.
Does anyone have suggestions?
hi natalie
I would like to to limb lenghtening as well but I could not afford amounts like 53'000$ and I wonder how people manage.
As for now I am still thinking where to go but it's a hard decision as you will probably agree and since I cannot pay tremendous sums of money I am limited in my choice anyway.
Volgograd clinic is modest: around USD20K l. The doctors seems to be qualified and experienced. The one, who set up this site isnt as expensive as the US one either. Besides Volgograd clinic patented the procedure.
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