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How to Increase the Height - Bow Leg Surgery - About the Centre

Legs correction

The Centre of Anthropometrical Cosmetology is a research and practical medical center. It was the first in the world who developed and implemented the method of cosmetic orthopedic surgery on the basis of Ilizarov method. Our Center performs a wide range of cosmetic operations which improve proportions of the body and general appearance. The Center admits both Russian and international patients from 16 to 60 years of age.

Our method, a new branch of aesthetic surgery, has been developed and is being successfully applied in Volgograd, Russia, 5 years prior to Ilizarov center in Kurgan. The author of this method is Volgograd orthopedist, Doctor of Medicine, Honored Inventor of Russia Mikhail F. Yegorov, the founder of the Center of Anthropometric cosmetology and its head till 2004, when he died at the age of 52. 

The first operation for legs lengthening was successfully performed on a 42 yo man, Michael Goldreyer, in 1992.  Since then, over 800 cosmetic operations including 200 surgeries for legs correction have been performed in our center. 

The surgeons of our Center keep on carrying out research work to develop and implement new techniques of cosmetic correction. In 2008 a new operative technique of computer navigation was developed, the surgeons of the Center participate in International symposiums and their papers are highly evaluated by their colleagues. The surgeons of the Center have patented 50 inventions in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive orthopedic surgery.     

Our Center works in close collaboration with Volgograd Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Science (Department of Clinical and Experimental Surgery),  European Center of Orthopedic Cosmetology (Czech Republic), International Academy of Health and Beauty, Volgograd Technical University.  For the last 5 years the Center has been working under the program EUREKA financed by EU.

The first international patients came to the Center in 1996. Since then patients from more than 45 countries (including Ireland, Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain and other) have been successfully operated here. 

We offer wide spectrum of medical services for correction of various orthopedic and cosmetic problems: