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About methods of Orthopaedic Cosmetology

The Centre of Anthropometrical (Orthopaedical) Cosmetology and Correction™ is a scientific practical institution where a new trend of cosmetic surgery, the orthopedic cosmetology, originated and got successful development. As of today, it is the only institution in the world, which has real experience of work in this branch of medicine.
Height increaseThe technology that we created for treatment of cosmetic defects of extremities is not a scientific theory, which needs further practical confirmation, but an accomplished scientific practical search which has lasted many years. The outcome of this search has become a solid experience of practical treatment of cosmetic defects at a qualitatively new level, which fully meets the principles of cosmetic effect - low traumatic consequences, short terms of treatment, preliminary design of desired result, exactness and symmetry in performing the adjustment. This become possible to do thanks to the development and introduction of special methods and technical means, which ensure the optimal conduct of medical process.

Legs form correctionIn the structure of the technology one can single out a clinical component, a technical component and a program diagnostic component, each of which is characterized by certain peculiarities.

The most important specific character of the clinical section of the technology is the preoperative forecasting on the basis of using our classification of cosmetic defects of lower extremities and special forecasting criteria.

The applied equipment of operative intervention is low traumatic, significantly differs from known ones and ensures good condition for reparative regeneration of the osseous tissue during the postoperative period, and a special surgical access minimizes any traces left after the operation. The directions of spokes of the apparatus have significant differences as well. There are characteristic peculiarities in the conducting of the postoperative period, regimen of activity and movement, loads onto operated extremities at various treatment stages, temps and rate of adjustment of cosmetic deformity and others.

Legs form correction

The technical component is represented by a special apparatus of external fixation and other means. Our apparatus is not one of the known ones, adapted for certain purposes, but one, which was specially developed proceeding from requirements that formed gradually in the course of a long practical work. The obtained construction, in our opinion, satisfies the major set tasks and ensures low-traumatic osteosynthesis with the possibility of exact symmetric adjustment of both extremities simultaneously, convenient in use at all treatment stages.

The everyday practical work set the task of a rapid analysis and assessment of the condition of extremities in cosmetic terms before the treatment, at the conclusive stage, and, which is more important, in the course of treatment. To solve this task, there were developed and practically introduced special programs of computer diagnosis, planning and control of the process of cosmetic adjustment of extremities - "Osteokinesis" and "Orthocosmetic". The "Orthocosmetic" program makes it possible to quickly analyze the cosmetic defect before treatment, to visualize and plan variants of possible adjustment outcomes both at the first application and in the course of treatment. The "Osteokinesis" program helps quickly calculate and plan the value of requisite dislocation of units of the apparatus, adjustment angles, adjustment time depending on the rate and regimen and other important parameters in each specific case. The existent opportunity to analyze, plan and calculate visual, spatial and time parameters ensures a high level of exactness, predictability, visualization and, consequently, successful treatment on the whole.

Dr.Yegorov's frame

The technology, which is being offered for your kind consideration, has its interest in the fact that its practical introduction is needed by hundreds and thousands of patients in all parts of the world. We have a real notion about the demand for this kind of cosmetic aid in Russia, it is very high. This can be simply explained: everybody and not only Russian citizens want to have even and slender legs. This mostly applies to young people, who feel it keenly if they have some corporal defects. They frequently suffer from a persistent inferiority complex. Only an active intervention to remove the defect may help in this case. Presently, in Russia we have only a few factors which keep back a mass and general use of orthopedic cosmetology resources - the shortage of information and the relatively high value of the treatment with the relatively low living standards.

We consider adjustment of small axial deformities of up to 15 degrees as cosmetic treatment, but this only applies to external data, and in the essence, the adjustment of curved legs is an important prophylactic action, since the improvement of biomechanical parameters decreases the risk of origination of degenerative and dystrophic diseases of joints.

Besides, the significance of this technology is that on condition of proper and exact use of it one can gain a good cosmetic result as regards the adjustment of legs for a short period (5-6 weeks) with minimum traumatic consequences.


Disclosing this problem, we become convinced of its significance and inevitability of further widening of the geography of orthopedic cosmetology.

Currently, our center possesses the experience of surgical treatment of more than 700 patients, who went through various special cosmetic operations on their extremities, and over 200 of that number had the curvature adjusted.

Our technology is based upon patented inventions in the field of orthopedics and cosmetology, and for all treated patients we have photo documents, which visually evidence positive results of treatment. We attach some of the photo documents as illustration to the information provided.

The author of the technology is a doctor of medicine, honored inventor of the Russian Federation - Mikhail F. Yegorov.
We can consider serious propositions related to the organization of orthopedic cosmetology centers in foreign countries, issues of equipment delivery, and training of specialists.

Doctor of medicine
Mikhail F. Yegorov