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Cosmetic height increase (limb lengthening)

The International Centre of Anthropometrical Cosmetology and Correction offers a unique opportunity to increase your height and correct body proportions via limb lengthening surgery. 

Legs proportions changing after Leg lengthening

Height increase patient

The technique of limb lengthening is based on the principles developed by Dr. Ilizarov. The height increasing methods employed by our center have been further modified by the renowned orthopedic surgeon from Volgograd, a distinguished inventor in the field, Dr. Mikhail Yegorov and his follower Dr.Alexander Barinov.

Height increase - limb lenghtening

There are three stages in the limb lengthening procedure: 

The operation is performed on both legs at the same time and has 3 stages.

1.  Operation. During this time a special orthopedic device is fixed on both legs, then osteotomy (bone cut) is done, and bone fragments are fixed with the device.

2.  Distraction. Gradual lengthening of the limb. It begins approximately 1 week after the surgery. The rate of distraction, i.e., the rate of extension is 0.75-1 mm per day and depends on individual endurance to the procedure by the patient. Thus, the period of distraction by 5 cm takes 50-70 days.

3. Consolidation (fixation). At the end of distraction the period of fixation is started, which lasts approximately twice as long as lengthening.

Rehabilitation period after LL surgery.

Patients are gradually increasing load on the legs and begin walking without crutches halfway through the fixation period. We have developed a set of rehabilitation exercises to help our patients quickly regain their muscle strength and return to the normal daily activities. The patients can walk with crutches as soon as 2-3 days after the surgery. In general, lengthening by 5-6 cm takes 5-7 months. The maximum recommended height limit is 8-9 cm depending on the stretchability of muscle tissues and the original height of the patient. During treatment the patient should remain at the clinic under medical supervision. Only in this case we can guarantee a successful result. Outpatient treatment is possible during the fixation period at the discretion and with an approval of the doctor. Our patients can return to their normal daily activities 2-3 weeks after their discharge from the clinic. During rehabilitation, swimming and moderate amount of walking are recommended for more expedient recovery. Some weight-bearing exercises and light sport activities may be resumed 2-4 months following discharge from the clinic. The post-surgery scars are barely noticeable and become practically invisible with time. 

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LON (Lengthening over Nail) and LATN (Lengthening and then Nail) methods are also available.

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