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Resolve Your Doubts about Bow leg correction or height increase in Russia

  1. Language barrier:  
    Are you scared that nobody in Russia will understand you?
    We’ll dispel your doubts!
    In our clinic surgeons speak English and are always ready to answer all your questions. Besides, our managers and professional interpreter work with international patients.  
    In Russia learning English is obligatory in all schools and most Russians can speak survival English. If you need help in a shop, at the railway station or in town, for sure there will be somebody speaking good English to help you. 

  2. Fear to be left abroad without any help
    You can always get help in our clinic. Each patient has a personal assistant who takes the patient into their care.  
    If any problem arises, you can always turn to your assistant for help and the problem will be settled in the shortest possible time. 

  3. No Racism
    Don’t be scared of any manifestations of racism. Russia is a multinational country and we respect all races and ethnicities. A lot of international students arrive in Russia to study at university. We are used to see people of different nationalities and religions in our town. 

  4. Wrong idea of people: the Russians are rude
    The Russians are easy-going. At first it may seem that Russians never smile but it’s only because we are not used to smile to everybody. Usually we smile only to our friends and acquaintances. But it doesn’t at all mean that we are unsociable or rude.  
    When you start communicating with Russians, you’ll see that we are good-natured and easy-going. 

  5. Fear of losing money
    Don’t worry about your funds. Before you arrive at our clinic, we’ll send you our quotation and besides, you’ll be offered to sign a contract with all details of your payment and medical treatment. It’s only after you have signed the contract, you’ll pay. 

  6. You can’t understand how to pay
    All money transactions are performed by a bank wire or using a payment card. You can choose the most convenient for you method of payment.

  7. Fear of having problems with visa extension
    You’ll have to make a visa in your country before you arrive in the clinic and after your arrival, we’ll l extend a visa for you and settle all problems with your papers if they arise. 

  8. Fear of complications and unforeseen expenses  
    If you follow all doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions, you won’t have any complications and consequently no additional expenses for their correction. All manipulations after the surgery will be done in the clinic. 

  9. In case of emergency you’ll get free medical aid.
    If you wish to undergo any medical treatment not relating to the surgery, we’ll do it for you for extra payment. 

  10. Being far away from relatives and friends
    You should be ready for being far away from your family and friends for quite a long time, but you’ll be able to talk to them on Skype or by e-mails. Free wi-fi in our clinic will make your nearest and dearest closer to you. They will help you overcome hard moments of medical treatment.

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