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The history of our Center began long before orthopedic cosmetology appeared as an independent field of medicine.

One of the first disciples of Academician G.Ilizarov was Anatoly. G. Kaplunov, a citizen of Volgograd. In the early 1960-s Ilizarov restored the leg of Valery Brumel, a world champion in high jump. It was this successful operation that had convinced surgeons how efficient and promising Ilizarov’s method was. Very few people know that the main part of  work had been done by Dr.Kaplunov.  Valery Brumel had kept contact with his doctor till the last days of his life.  

In the late 1970-s Dr. Kaplunov came back to Volgograd, where he found physicians who hold the same ideas and in 1979 he began performing orthopedic operations using Ilizarov external frames. Dr.Kaplunov’s team incorporated Vitaly Malakhov, who had also previously worked in Kurgan, and young surgeons Mikhail Yegorov and Victor Shatov.

Mikhail Fedorovich Yegorov, MD., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician,  – the founder of the Center (1952-2004)

Mikhail Fedorovich Yegorov, MD., Doctor of Medical
Sciences,  Academician,
the founder of the
Center (1952-2004) 

Its worth mentioning that in 1979 a woman, whose 16 y.o. daughter tried to commit suicide because of her bow legs, appealed to Dr Kaplunov. His team could not refuse the woman and the girl’s legs were operated on quite successfully but secretly. Most probably this very operation was the first one in the world for cosmetic correction of legs.

By 1986 Dr.Kaplunov’s team became so popular that local authorities established a Center of  Traumatology and Orthopedics at one of the teaching hospitals in Volgograd specially for Dr. Kaplunov’s team.  

In the early 90-s Dr. Kaplunov’s disciple, Dr. Yegorov, defended his Ph.D. thesis and became head of the department in the Center. In 1992 Dr. Kaplunov and Dr.Yegorov agreed to operate on Mikhail Goldreyer, a healthy man of 42, whose height was 170cm and who had been looking for years for a clinic to increase his height.  

M. Goldreyer was hospitalized in Dr. Yegorov’s department. His right leg was operated by Dr. Kaplunov and his left leg – by Dr. Yegorov.  It had become both Russian and a world’s sensation in 1992-1993 having laid the foundation of a new field in orthopedics – anthropometrical (orthopedic) cosmetology. Since that time operations for leg lengthening and leg form correction have become customary in surgical practice.  It was only in 1996-1997, when cosmetic surgery on legs started at Ilizarov Center in Kurgan, where 5 years earlier they refused point blank to operate on Goldreyer. .

In 1998 Mikhaul Yegorov defended his doctorate thesis. It was the first thesis in the world on the problems of orthopedic (anthropometrical) cosmetology.  

The same year the team was joined by a young physician, Alexander Barinov. In 2004, at 26, he defended his Ph.D. thesis, having accumulated his own experience in the field of orthopedic surgery.
Implant of the artificial knee-joint using the “Orthopilot” navigation system in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, with participation of the surgeons of the Center

Implant of the artificial knee-joint using the “Orthopilot” navigation system in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, with participation of the surgeons of the Center 

 In 1999, Dr. Yegorov established the “Center of Anthropometrical (Orthopedic) Cosmetology and Correction”. It’s purpose was to do research and inventive work, control the clinics where the surgeons of the Center performed operations.  

The Center of Anthropometrical Cosmetology is a part of the “International Academy of Beauty and Health” (IABH) which is headed by Academician Mikhail Nekrasov. Thanks to the Academy many works by Yegorov and his team were patented, and a discovery in orthopedics was registered. The Academy helped the Center enter into cooperation with Moscow medical universities and establish a laboratory of orthopedic cosmetology at the Russian State Medical University.   

At present the team of the Center of Anthropometric cosmetology cooperates with the Department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the Volgograd State Medical University, headed by Professor A.Vorobiev. Surgeons of the Center belong to Volgograd Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The Center cooperates with an orthopedic clinic in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, under the intergovernmental agreement. Czech and Russian surgeons exchange visits and experience on a regular basis.  

In 2001, “Litsa” magazine (“Faces”) in its New Year issue proclaimed Dr. Yegorov the Face of the Year. Dr. Yegorov was awarded the prize of the city of Volgograd for his achievements in medical researches.  

Mikhail Yegorov died of a fatal disease in 2004, when he was only 52.  

After Dr. Yeagorov’s untimely death, the Center was headed by Dr. Alexander S. Barinov. The leading surgeons of the Center are Victor V.Shatov, an experienced surgeon, who developed an effective technique of transverse platypodia treatment and Dr. Vitaly M.  Malakhov, who came from Kurgan together with Dr. Kaplunov. 

Surgeons of the Center in China

Surgeons of the Center in China

At present the Center of Anthropometric Cosmetology operates at the teaching hospital belonging to OAO Russian Railways. The unique experience of the Center’s specialists helped many veterans of the Afghan and Chechen wars restore after severe wounds which was written about both in local and federal newspapers.    

The first overseas patients came to the Center in 1996. Since that time patients from Australia, the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. underwent treatment in the Center. 

The Center of Anthropometric Cosmetology enjoys good reputation in Russia and in other countries, which is proved by a number of successful operations and grateful comments of the patients. For their operations surgeons of the Center use their own technique which is the least traumatic for the patient and excludes serious complications.  Cosmetic sutures make postoperative scars almost invisible.  

The Center of Anthropometrical Cosmetology has reached an agreement with large Chinese Company on cooperation and implementation of orthopedic products of the Center in China.

For the last five years the Center has been cooperating with Czech orthopedists under the research program EUREKA, financed by EU.  

The Center has won the governmental grant under the program of development of small innovative enterprises. Thanks to this grant the Center patented the “Device for evaluation of bone tissue restoration”. This device allows precise and non-stop control of the bone regeneration process at the point of injury and excludes radiological examination. It makes treatment more efficient and reduces the period of treatment. A laboratory version of the device for fine highly precise observations allows collecting detailed data about the process of bone regeneration. It will make possible to control the process. Our Czech colleagues plan to start manufacturing of experimental-industrial batch of the device