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Height increase and legs correction

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New topic of the forum: “Discussion”
We would like to know your opinion concerning  our new web site. You are welcome with your  opinion about  the information  published  on  our new web site  about  legs correction.
Information on medialization
On  shin correction and medialization

IV season of the contest “Make your life harmonious”
The winners of the contest will  have  a free correction surgery,  the  contestant  taking  the 2nd place will have a 50% discount and  a 30% discount will be granted for the 3d place.  
Achievements of the Center in research work in 2013
At the end of the year, our Center can tell about  its achievements in research works.  Three PhD dissertations  on the  themes  elaborated  in the center were defended in 2013.
Chance to become a star
One of the largest American  broadcasting companies offered the Center of Anthropometrical Cosmetology and Correctıon to make a report and interview with patients of the Center.
Simplification of visa formalities
Eased U.S.-Russia Visa Rules Go Into Force In accordance with the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on the simplification of visa formalities for nationals of the Russian Federation and nationals of the United States of America
Our congratulations to the winners!
Today the prizewinners of the "Regional Youth Innovation Convent" have got their awards. The work "Unified  Treatment  Technology of Lower Limbs  Deformities" by A.S.Barinov took the first place. Our congratulations to the winners!
Consult and full examination
Our patients have obtained the possibility to consult various specialists and undergo full examination including echography of the inner organs.
New services added
Our patients have a new opportunity to consult  various medical specialists and undergo examinations including ultrasound
New opportunity for the patients
Under agreement with our colleagues in Czech Republic we offer our patients an opportunity to go to Karlovy Vary spa for the period of bone consolidation
The Monthly “Engineering for the Young” on Bow legs Correction and Limb Lengthening
The popular Russian monthly magazine “Engineering for the Young” («Техника молодежи») published in January the article  “Beauty Surgery” on the latest researches done at the Center of Anthropometric (Orthopaedic) Cosmetology and Correction. These researches are supposed to improve the quality and reduce the period of bow legs correction and height enhancement  
Teaching Chinese physicians
Dr. Shatov, an experienced surgeon of our Center went to China to conduct  training courses for Chinese physicians in one of the Chinese provinces.
Height increase
The height increase treatment takes much less time now.
Victory in the Annual Regional Contest of Innovative Projects
On November 10, 2010, the final of the annual regional contest of innovative projects among small and medium businesses took place at Volgograd Regional Administration.
Victory at the IInd District Innovative Convention in Rostov-on –the-Don
The IInd District Innovative Convention took place in Rostov-on-the-Don from October 21 to 23, 2010
The 1st place in the Ist Volgograd innovative Convention in the nomination “The Best Innovative Product
The employees of the Center took part and won in the Ist Volgograd Innovative Convention  in the nomination “The Best Innovative Product”
We accept VISA and MasterCard
To our customers’ request and for their convenience we now accept VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards
Another patent received
The Center received one more patent for invention “Apparatus for evaluation of bone tissue regeneration”
Participation of the Center employees in All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Seliger-2010”
The Center employees participated in All-Russian Youth Educational Forum “Seliger-2010”  devoted to innovations and technical work
New publication
The article about our Center appeared in  MAXIM DETOX, a popular magazine for men
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